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Wolves are a very misunderstood animal.

It has been said wolves are dangerous and they attack humans, when in fact,

In the United States there has never been a documented case where a healthy wild wolf has attacked a human,

It is very rare when a wolf even comes near a human.

Wolves are very social animals that depend on each other for food and protection.

Wolves travel in packs which can be as small as two wolves, or be as big as twenty wolves.

A normal wolf pack can have a range of territory that spreads up to 60 miles,

maybe even larger in certain locations.

All adult wolves in the pack share the responsibility of raising and caring for the pups.

Wolves are normally afraid of people, and try to avoid them at all times.

Wolves have no natural predators, except for humans.

Wolves howl to communicate with each other.

Wolves know each members howl and use them to locate each other, and wolves enjoy howling.

Adult wolves have the ability to regulate their body temperatures to adapt to changes in the weather.

Puppies can't, so they must stay close to the warmth of their mothers.

A puppy can eat up to two pounds of food a day.

The size of a wolf litter is about 5 to 6 puppies.

Wolves seldom bark, but when they do it is really quiet.

They do not bark repeatedly like most dogs will.

Common prey of wolves are small animals and birds.

They also occasionally eat berries.

From past experiences wolves are now very leery of humans.

Wolves can live to be about 16 years of age in captivity, in the wild most don't make it to the age of 8 years old.

There have been very few that have lived to be 13 years old or longer in the wild.

Out of every 24 hour period wolves spend eight to ten hours on the move.

In extreme cold weather wolves can restrict the flow of blood to the skin to conserve heat.

At full speed wolves can run up to 30 mph.

The role of the wolf in the wild is to cull out the sick or injured leaving only healthy strong animals to reproduce.

Wolves are an extremely important part to our earths eco system,

please participate and do what you can to save this beautiful endangered animal,

before it is too late.

"Thanks Sleeper for the purdy picture"

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 "Song of the Wolf"

Midi "Song of the Wolf" is
used with artists permission
and is copyright 1999 Elan Michaels

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