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It is odd to think that you could actually meet someone on line chatting away in a chat room, and through the years discover you had become friends.

beatle was a friend...He has left us all much too soon.

We loved you beatle mon.

These are some of the awards beatle gave me for my site,

I thought that it would be more fitting to have them here with him.

beatle was funny, I remember he always told me he didn't like AOL, only because they would capitalize the "b" in beatle, and he didn't like that.

I always thought beatle was truly the 5th Beatle! He loved them so much.

Now he can enjoy playing guitar and sharing music with one of them.

beatle are missed.

"I'll Follow The Sun" ~The Beatles

Death is the Gateway to Eternal Life

Death is just another step, along life's changing way,

No more than just a gateway to a new and better day.

And parting from our loved ones is much easier to bear,

When we know that they are waiting for us to join them there.

So death is just a natural thing like the closing of a door,

As we start upon a journey to a new and distant shore,

And none need make this journey undirected or alone,

For God promised us safe passage to this vast and great unknown.

So let your grief be softened, and yield not to despair,

You have only placed your loved one in the loving Father's care.

~Helen Steiner Rice

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