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"Isn't it exciting!! Walking through the midway. Passing all the booths and rides. The sweet smell of cotton candy and of course, cinnemon and sugar fried dough.

Hearing people young and old whoop and hollar as they win a much anticipated prize or realize they are going a little too fast on a new ride.

All the attendents call out to the visitors...."Come play this game, Try out your luck!"..Win a BIG prize!!!"

All the excitement, all the fun, pales in comparison to the most beautiful site at the fair...

The Merry~Go~Round and it's Painted Ponies!!

The beauty, the whimsy, the excitement of catching the "Brass Ring", the musical mystery of the Carousel...the endearing nature of the ride is enough to last a lifetime.

I hope that you enjoy my homepage as I share with you, many of my favorite things! Thank you again for stopping in!

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Carousel Plunk

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Check out this new webring!!

This Rocking & Carousel Horse Ring site is owned by Meg.
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